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What we do

The Food Bank of Southwest Georgia exists to fight hunger. Our 20-county corner of Georgia is the most impoverished area of the state.

Thousands of families and individuals can't afford decent groceries. Kids go to school with growling stomachs ... working parents are forced to choose between paying the rent or putting food on the table ... senior citizens can't afford to to buy the foodstuffs that go into a wholesome, nutritious meal.

The Food Bank serves those people through its 300 or so member agencies -- typically religious organizations operating food pantries or soup kitchens or social-service agencies feeding low-income clientele. The Food Bank handles the logistics of securing, storing and distributing vast quantities of food, so its member agencies can focus on what they do best: assisting those in need.

We accept volunteers at our warehouses in Albany and Sylvester.

Map of coverage area
The Food Bank covers 20 counties in the southwest corner of Georgia.

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We'll be glad to address our civic club, Sunday School class or other organization. Just ask us!